Original Freedom
An Original

The G-Pants might just be our most famous creation.

Originally designed back in the early 1980s with rock-climbing firmly in mind, they’re lightweight, hard-wearing pants, devised with numerous functional details to make life on the edge a little more comfortable


For starters, they’ve got that diamond shaped gusset in the crotch.

This ingenious addition, taken from high-kicking karate trousers, means they give your legs 180 degree flexibility—a feature loved by climbers and pretty much anyone else who needs a bit of extra movement.

Better then ever

What else?

Well, they’ve got that signature built-in nylon belt, they’re made from tough 100% organic cotton twill and they have a relaxed shape, with plenty of room around the hips and gently tapered legs. We might have updated them a touch over the years, adding a zip fly and two rear pockets, but we’ve always been sure to keep the core ingredients the same—after all, there’s no point in changing a perfectly good recipe, is there?

The Gramicci Original