Whilst humble cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts might seem positively lo-fi in comparison to some of our more technical creations, we still put a lot of effort into getting them right—making sure everything from the fabric weight to the dyes we used were perfect for the job. The result is what we’d like to think was a selection of highly-wearable everyday tees, sweats and hoodies that work well right across the board—whether you’re huddled around a camping stove or strolling into town.

Both our long-sleeved and short-sleeved tees are made from organic mid-weight cotton. Neither too heavy nor too light, they’re the perfect do-it-all weight that you can wear right through the year—and are just as effective on their own in on hot summer’s days as they are as a layering piece under a sweatshirt and a down jacket once the leaves fall and the frost sets in.

For this season’s graphics, we took inspiration from our long and winding history—referencing the early days of the brand and the revolutionary, free-thinking outdoor culture that it grew from. Designs like the Granite Born Tee, the Yosemite Tee and the Stone Heads Tee pay tribute to our rock climbing roots, referencing our beginnings amongst the legendary granite rock of California’s Yosemite National Park where climbers like the Stone Masters pioneered their stylish, stripped-back form of climbing, whilst the Inside Tag tee literally brings the inside-out, using our old neck label as the basis for a back print.

The Hiker Tee is back as well, and this time around we’ve made the autumnal follow-up to a t-shirt we made last season, with shorts and a t-shirt being replaced with G-Pants and a fleece as our man strolls boldly through the leaves. The Carabiner Tee is a nod to a vital piece of rock climbing equipment, whilst the G-Pant Tee highlights one of our most enduring designs, with a full color illustration of our iconic trousers printed on the back. Designs like the Big G-Logo Tee, the Mountaineer Tee and the Oval Tee probably don’t need much explaining—following the classic surf-tee format of a little logo on the chest, with a big print on the back.


To accentuate the vintage feel of these designs, a lot of our t-shirts have been pigment dyed in classic tones of the era, with rich purples, browns and navy blues giving a tastefully worn-in look that means they wouldn’t look out of place stashed on the back seat of an beat-up old station wagon parked in the shadow of El Cap.

Following a similar theme to our tees, our hoodies and sweatshirts combine high-quality materials with graphic references to our past, and are made from French terry cotton that’s super-comfortable whilst still reassuringly hard-wearing. Again, they’re a perfect ‘Goldilocks’ weight that means you can wear ‘em right through the seasons—ideal for rock-climbing, dog-walking, bike-riding or just sitting around the camp-fire with your feet up.

Our sweats have what would probably be termed a relaxed modern shape (rather than the shorter, boxier sportswear of the 50s and 60s), along with a sturdy crew neck collar and ribbed cuffs, whilst our hoodies have a sizable kangaroo handwarmer chest-pocket and a big drawstring hood, perfect for cinching up on those cold winter days when you still want to leave the house.

The graphics might be inspired by our rock climbing past, but our tees and sweats are made to be worn everywhere. Ultra-comfortable and super-reliable, they’re the kind of things you’ll find yourself reaching for time and time again. To call them ‘basics’ would be a bit of a disservice.