We make a lot of trousers. Some are baggy, some are short, some are tapered—and all are built with freedom of movement in mind. To help you find your perfect pants, here’s a quick guide to our key trouser shapes and how they fit…

The NN Pants

The NN Pants are over on the slimmer end of the spectrum. The NN stands for neat and narrow—and these have slim legs tapering down to 7 ½ inch hems with a 32 inch in-seam. If you’re after something sharp and sleek, then these are probably the ones. 

For those who prefer slightly cropped trousers, there’s the NN Pants Just Cut—with legs that are 2 ¾ inch shorter.

The Gramicci Pants

Next up, the original. The Gramicci Pants sit in what you could maybe call ‘Goldilocks’ territory—neither the baggiest or the slimmest trousers we make, they’re somewhere in the middle—with 32 inch legs and 8 inch hems. That means they’re just right, with a relaxed everyday shape that works perfectly across the board. We make a women’s version too. 

For anyone wondering, the Jam Pants have the same shape—with a slightly more stripped-back design.

The Gadget Pants

Then there’s the Gadget Pants. These have a slightly wider hem (at 9 inches), and a shorter in-seam, with less taper compared to the G-Pants. An old design we used to make back in the 90s, these are sort of like a slightly more subtle alternative to cargo pants—with plenty of haulage space thanks to those big wide-mouth pockets.

The Cargo Pants

A firm favourite we’ve been making for a while now—our Cargo Pants have a classic relaxed shape, with 32 inch legs and plenty of room in the thigh. It’s also worth pointing out that thanks to those drawstring hems they can be cinched in—meaning they work well with everything from big boots to low profile canvas pumps.   

The Loose Taper Pants

And finally there’s the Loose Tapered Pants. These are some of the widest pants we make, but because of their tapered legs they work well with a variety of footwear. They’re slightly cropped too, with a 26 inch inseam—meaning they work particularly well as summer trousers with sandals or river shoes.

Find our full men’s trouser range here or our women’s trousers here.