The NN Pants are what we’d probably call a modern Gramicci classic. Whilst they might be a fair bit younger than some of our trousers, they’ve been a mainstay of our range for a fair few years now—and are a firm favorite for anyone who wants the freedom of movement you’d expect from Gramicci, with a slightly sharper, slimmer shape.

Originally a Japanese design, they were devised in 2005 as a more streamlined take on the G-Pants. Whilst the ‘80s saw the birth of Gramicci in the rock-climbing mecca of Yosemite National Park, and the ‘90s saw experimentation with new designs like the utilitarian Gadget Pants, the new millennium ushered in a fresh era for the brand—with our Japanese team honing our classic designs for a new purpose. The NN Pants (or New Narrow Pants, to give them their full name) are a prime example of this era—created as a city-friendly version of the outdoor original, refined for metropolitan life.

Signature details like the built-in belt and that 180-degree gusset crotch were kept in place, but the roomy fit was swapped out for something a little smarter, with the tapered legs ¼ inch narrower than our G Pants. Along with the sharper shape, the fabric was updated too, and that organic stretch twill gives a tasteful bit of flex, meaning that even if they fit a bit snugger, they weren’t restricting. Although they were created for Japan, these sleek trousers soon caught the eye of shops around the world, and today they’re one of our bestsellers.

It’s maybe not hard to see why either. As perhaps the ‘smartest’ pants we make, they’re highly versatile—and they work well right across the board, from offices to restaurants, city park to mountain peak. Sharp enough for work, but relaxed enough for everything else, they’re the kind of thing you’ll find yourself wearing a lot. Think of them sort of like a more outgoing alternative to chinos—and because of their versatile, do-it-all nature they’ll pair equally well with an Oxford shirt as they will with a chunky sherpa fleece.

What else do we need to say? Well, they’ve got two slash pockets on the front, two velcro welt pockets on the back and have been washed for a vintage feel. They might be the smartest pants we make, but thanks to that slightly worn-in texture, they’re still a long way from stiff and shiny formal trousers, and they’re super-comfortable right out the gate.

As well as the regular NN Pants, we also make the Cropped NN Pants. The clue is in the name with these, as the legs have been cropped 2 ¾ inches shorter than the regular NN Pants—they’ve still got the same fit and the same fabric, just cut down a touch—making them perfect for those spring days that aren’t quite hot enough for shorts, but still require a bit of ankle ventilation.

Cropped or uncropped, the NN Pants are a real Gramicci favorite. Originally designed for the city, they’ve long since proven themselves as prime ‘everywhere trousers’—where you wear them is up to you.