This season we’ve made a small range of clothes from seriously durable, high-density ripstop. Originally devised for parachutes back in WW2, ripstop is a hard-wearing nylon fabric woven in a crosshatch pattern. This unique lattice weave helps to stop rips and holes from spreading (hence the name), and means the fabric has a really high strength to weight ratio. In short, it’s the perfect fabric for sturdy everyday outdoor gear. Here’s what we’ve made…


The Utility Field Jacket

As the name suggests, this design takes inspiration from military field jackets, with a removable hood for when the clouds open, and two substantial flap pockets on the front just right for carrying train tickets, snacks or whatever else you like to lug around.

Because of that ripstop fabric, it’s tough, without being too hefty, and thanks to its relatively roomy, relaxed shape, there’s plenty of space to move. This makes it a prime ‘do-it-all’ jacket—the kind of thing that works just as well on a summer evening over a t-shirt as it does when you’re wrapping up warm on a blustery day with a hoodie or sweatshirt.


The Utility Zip-Off Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants are perhaps one of the most useful creations of the last century. Originally created for US Air Force paratroopers in WW2 (who needed plenty of pockets to carry everything from socks to hand grenades), they’ve since gone on to become a true favorite far beyond the military world.

The Utility Zip-Off Cargo Pants are a pair of modern cargos made with the great outdoors in mind. They’ve got a relaxed, loose shape, but because of those drawstring hems, they won’t engulf your footwear. As well as all the pocket-space you’d expect from trousers like this, there’s also a strip of webbing on either side for attaching carabiners and keys—making them ideal for those who always find themselves lugging stuff about. And thanks to those zips on the knees, they can quickly be converted into shorts for when the sun comes out and you want to liberate your legs.


Utility Trail Shorts

The Utility Trail Shorts are another highly functional ripstop design. Like the Cargos, these have got that ultra-useful webbing belt detail for clipping on your keys, as well as velcro-closure pockets so your valuables stay put. They’ve got the signature Grammic details in the shape of that diamond crotch gusset for extra leg movement and that built-in belt, but they’ve got a slightly shorter, wider shape when compared with the G-Shorts.

Running… walking… climbing… cycling… lounging… it’d be patronizing to list all the various activities these shorts are good for—so we’ll just say that they’re very, very useful.


The Utility Trail Cap

The Utility Trail Cap is one of those thoughtful, considered items that sort of speaks for itself and doesn’t need much spiel. The drawcord keeps it fixed to your head, the mesh side panels keep things cool, and that peak keeps the sun out your eyes. Perfect.


The Utility Boonie Cap

Rounding things off, we’ve got the Utility Boonie Cap. These stiff-brimmed bucket hats were first worn during the Vietnam War—often custom made by local tailors for Green Berets who needed something to keep the elements off their face whilst deep in the jungle. They were soon incorporated into the US Army uniform, and are still worn by soldiers today.

Taking cues from these tried-and-tested military hats, we’ve made our own ripstop version—complete with ventilated mesh lining and a removable strap to keep things secure. Whether you’re keeping the sun off your eyes, or the raindrops off your face, this one should come in pretty handy.