Light Nylon Cargo Pants (Black)

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The Light Nylon Cargo Pants have a wide silhouette that is baggier than that of cargo pants made from other materials. These pants include meshed inner material, drawstring hems, and also stands out for the zipper cargo pockets. These lightweight pants are great for your next outdoor adventure including hiking, biking, and camping.

These pants are made from a special lightweight nylon material that has been created to have a natural appearance and a soft cotton-like feeling, as well as superior durability. These 100% nylon pants are a great outdoor clothing option because of the innovation used to create the material.

  • Cargo pants
  • Made with Light Nylon material
  • Features side and black zipper cargo pockets
  • Wide silhouette
  • Drawstring hems
  • Soft cotton-like feeling fabric
  • Unisex sizing